General business terms

1 Application
1.1 These terms and conditions apply to all offers, reservations and agreements regarding the rental properties and facilities that are rented from Prince’s GmbH or its affiliates.
1.2 In these Terms and Conditions, the term “Tenant” means the person who makes an agreement with respect to Rent / Rental with Prince’s use of a GmbH. The term “User” (also called “guest” below) identifies the tenant and the person indicated by him, which use the rented property by the tenant and / or other facilities.
1.3 These terms and conditions apply regardless of your (previous) reference to any separate terms and conditions or other terms and conditions. Prince’s GmbH disclaims all other terms and conditions on which you rely, from.
1.4 deviating from these General Terms and Conditions are only valid if agreed in writing.
2 Reservations and contract
2.1 Prince’s GmbH only accepts reservations from people who are at least 18 years old. Reservations of underage persons are invalid.
2.2 Prince’s GmbH reserves the right to deviate reservations, especially of groups, reject or ask certain conditions to it, without notice.
2.3 Upon receipt of your reservation request Prinzenhof GmbH will send you within 14 days for a written confirmation and invoice. This should be checked immediately after receiving their accuracy. Any discrepancies must be notified immediately Prinzenhof GmbH.
2.4 Should you not be in possession of a written confirmation / invoice within 14 days after reservation inquiry, please contact immediately to the reservation department, because otherwise you can not claim on the reservation.
2.5 The Treaty entered between you and Prince’s GmbH in force at the moment when you have received written confirmation / invoice from Prince’s GmbH.
2.6 The contract governs the leasing of rental properties or other facilities for recreational activities. This is therefore a contract of limited duration.
3.1 If, after conclusion of the agreement to make changes in the contract, Prince’s GmbH is not obliged to accept this. Prince’s GmbH may decide whether and to what extent changes adopted at its discretion. The acceptance of such changes on the part of Prince’s GmbH by you may be subject to the condition of the payment of reasonable costs change.
1 Changes on the arrival date and / or location are no longer allowed after 28 days before arrival. In these cases, cancellation will take effect as described in Article 13 of the General Conditions.
1 If you after a treaty has entered into force, would withdraw from a part of this contract, the cancellation conditions as described in Article 13
4.1 The tenant and other users is not allowed, the property name under which and for what ever reason, leave other than the persons referred to in the contract for use unless this has been agreed in writing with Prince’s GmbH.
1 The tenant is obliged to state the names of all other users of the accommodation on the registration form.
1 Until the start of the journey, you can require that third parties enter into the right and obligations of the contract. In this case, you and the new tenant liable for the tour price and any additional costs. For the administrative burden and associated costs in this case a flat rate € 30, – estimated.
5.1 You owe Prince’s GmbH agreed, specified in the written confirmation and invoice price.
5.2 discounts and / or special promotions can not subsequently be granted upon completion of your booking.
5.3 Unless otherwise stated, all prices are inclusive of VAT.
5.4 The relevant company codes must be called directly from the reservation (by phone) or entered (via the Internet).
1 Increases after the contract and the more than four months later lying to departure due to changed legal regulations, VAT and / or charges (such as taxes), so then also the same percentage as the increase in VAT and / or fee increases (such as taxes) Price of the trip and this increase will make GmbH Prince’s claim no later than 21 days prior to departure.
1 After the trip cancellation insurance has been taken by the customer, it can not later be canceled, even if the journey has not yet started.
6.1 In addition to the rental you have / the tenant’s tax, and any additional services that are availed to pay.
7.1 The written contract confirmation will be sent a security certificate is confirmed by that Prince’s GmbH, customer deposits protected by a bankruptcy insurance.
7.2 When booking a rental object, a deposit of 25% is payable. The payment of the above amounts must be made within 14 days of the invoice date / date of the reservation confirmation received from Prince’s GmbH.
7.3 The balance of the rent must be at least 14 days before the stay, as indicated in the reservation confirmation must be received by Prince’s GmbH.
7.4 In case booking the rental price upon receipt of the booking confirmation in the full amount to be paid or to be paid directly on the spot, unless the customer can prove that the (remaining) amount has been transferred correctly prior to arrival. In the absence of payment as outlined above, it is Prince’s GmbH allows you to refuse the use of the Rental or other means. If it turns out later that the referral has been made by you and upon arrival at the park had not been credited to the bank account of Prince’s Ltd., you will be a lasting effect of the additional amount paid refunded.
7.5 Find the payment of the invoiced amounts not held in time, you are immediately after the due date of payment in arrears. In this case, you have the option of Prince’s writing GmbH to pay the amount due within 7 days. If payment is also inevitable Prinzenhof GmbH reserves the right to terminate the contract with effect from the day on which the deadline has passed. In this case, you are liable for any damage, the Prince’s GmbH suffers or will suffer as a consequence, this includes all costs that are incurred for Prince’s GmbH in connection with your booking and cancellation. With regard to any cancellation is made to the provisions of Article 13th
7.6 Prince’s GmbH has the right at any time, for any legal reason whatsoever to offset, resulting demands on you with you for any legal reason whatsoever amounts paid.
8.1 The rented accommodation is available at the arrival mentioned in the reservation confirmation agreed from 16.00 clock. Mentioned on the reservation confirmation agreed day of departure the accommodation must be vacated by 11.00 clock
8.2 If the contract with Prince’s GmbH will continue for longer than the agreed time and agree to the Prince’s GmbH, Prince’s GmbH is entitled at any time to determine another property for you.
8.3 If the guest to use the Rental or other means before the end of the specified on the reservation confirmation date agreed to be terminated, the tenant has no right to reimbursement of (part of) the rental and / or costs by Prince’s Ltd. Should a have completed travel insurance and meet the stated requirements of the insurance company, you can file a claim for damages in accordance with the early departure for the insurance company.
9.1 All guests are required to adhere to the principles established by Prince’s House Rules GmbH, among other things, to see the park rules and the swimming pool regulations are to keep. The park rules can be requested on arrival at the reception.
9.2 In accordance with the provisions of the public on request, guests are required to identify yourself when logging on. If guests do not possess a passport, Prince’s may decide GmbH, guests can not be accommodated.
9.3 Each property must be occupied by a maximum number of persons that is prescribed in the brochure for the relevant property
9.4 Prince’s GmbH reserves the right to make changes in the function and the opening times of the park facilities. Order to allow necessary maintenance activities the guests that stay during their maintenance on their property or at other institutions are carried out.
9.5 The tenant has the property to be swept clean (ie not leave dirty dishes, linens and remove merge, clean kitchen and fridge and dispose of garbage sack in the trash).
9.6 The Tenant and the user can borrow on request, bed linen of the Prince’s GmbH.
9.7 In case of violations referred to in these Terms of rules against the park rules and / or the swimming pool regulations in a way that the immediate termination of the contract is justified and / or non-compliance with the instructions of the staff in this regard Prinzenhof GmbH has the right to tenants and any other users to immediately refer the site. Prince’s GmbH reserves in this case the right to the rent, but must be the value of the saved expenses and any benefit, obtains the Prince’s GmbH from any other use of unused capacity.
9.8 Should GmbH cherish the Prince’s serious presumption that the tenant a rental object is unlawful and / or contrary to public order and / or morality, is Prince’s GmbH authorized to gain access to the property.
10.1 Depending on the Prince’s property may allow the tenant GmbH or users to bring up a small dog. If you and / or other users who wish to bring pets, you must specify this when booking immediately. In this case, you will be charged a surcharge of Prince’s GmbH, which you must pay. Prince’s GmbH reserves the right, pets – to deny the access to the park – without notice. In some properties pets are not allowed.
10.2 Pets are not permitted at water plants, swimming pools, restaurants, covered
Facilities in the center of the plant and other public facilities (unless this is explicitly allowed on site). Pets are to be taken outside of the leased property to the leash. Local instructions must be followed. Pets can for the other guests do not constitute harassment.
10.3 Bringing a little basket dog and a flea collar for dogs / cats are mandatory.
10.4 animals that are kept in a cage, are free (but must be specified at time of reservation anyway).
10.5 Pets of visitors are not allowed.
10.6 For the transport of animals to other countries within the EU that the animals must be in possession of a passport of the European samples (from 3 July 2004). The animals must be vaccinated against rabies and can be identified by a chip or a tattoo. You are responsible for all the travel documents that are required at your destination.
1 USE OF Rental; ASSET
11.1 The tenant is responsible for compliance with the order of his hand, and his companions in and around the Rental or other facilities on the property, for the use of the rented object and associated inventory.
11.2 In addition, the tenant is always personally liable for damages caused by breakage and / or loss and / or damage to the inventory and / or leased property unless the tenant can prove that the damage is not attributable to him, other users or companions. Damage for which the tenant is liable must be notified of this immediately Prinzenhof GmbH and replaced on site.
12.1 The Prince’s GmbH does not charge any deposit
13.1 In the event of cancellation of a reservation cancellation fees incurred. These costs are generally in case of cancellation up to 28 days before arrival 30% of the total cost and in case of cancellation from 28 Day before the arrival in principle on the total cost / the agreed rental price. Them it remains at liberty to give the proof that these costs are not incurred at this level.
13.2 You can insure against this risk by completing your reservation at the same time with a trip cancellation insurance.
13.3 If you do not appear within 24 hours after the agreed date of arrival without further notification, your absence shall be considered as cancellation.
15.1 If Prinzenhof GmbH possibly due to force majeure, temporarily or permanently not be able to fulfill the contract completely or partially, you will Prinzenhof GmbH within 14 days after acknowledgment of the impossibility of fulfilling the contract, a replacement offer (for another accommodation / a different time period, etc. submit).
15.2 Force majeure on the part of Prince’s GmbH exists when the performance of the contract is completely or partially, temporarily or permanently prevented by circumstances not within the power of Prince’s GmbH. This includes the threat of war, strikes, blockades, fire, floods and other disruptions and incidents.
15.3 You are entitled to reject the alternative offer. If you reject the offer replacement, you must indicate this within 14 days of receipt of the replacement offering. In this case, Prince’s Ltd. the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect. You then have the right to adopt and / or refund of the rental / the already paid portion of the rent. In this case, Prince’s GmbH is not obliged to pay any compensation.
16.1 Prinzenhof GmbH always has the right to terminate the contract with immediate effect, if personal data from you and / or other users are given incomplete and / or incorrect at time of booking and this data is made available despite warning within a reasonable period . In this case, Prince’s GmbH a claim for damages arising from the fact that the contract had to be terminated prematurely.
17.1 Prinzenhof GmbH assumes no liability for theft (including theft from lockers in the house or pool), loss or damage of or to property or persons of any kind during or as a result of staying in one of our parks and / or rental / use of the Rental or other facilities of Prince’s GmbH arise.
17.2 No liability for damage arising from loss of pleasure or travel from business interruption or other consequential damages is excluded. Prince’s still basically GmbH assumes no liability for damages, is the compensation claims from travel insurance and / or travel insurance or any other insurance.
17.3 Prince’s is not liable for interference with services or deficiencies in services that are provided by third parties.
17.4 The liability for physical damage is in any case limited to a maximum of € 1,500.00 per tenant / user per stay.
17.5 You will be liable for all loss and / or damage to the property or the property of Prince’s GmbH that are caused during the service by you and / or other users, regardless of whether this is as a result of any act or omission by you and / or parties are with your consent on the park grounds, happens. This does not apply to any tort liability of users and / or third parties.
1 Prince’s make GmbH from all claims regarding damage caused by a third party free (also) an act or omission on your part, others, or your fellow travelers or others who are using your agreement to the park due.
1 Prince’s GmbH’s liability is excluded for all non-contractual claims for damages.
1 Prince’s is not liable for third parties or noise from other guests.
1 The above limitations will not apply to damages resulting from injury to life, body or health, based on a negligent breach of duty of Prince’s company or a deliberate or negligent breach of duty by a legal representative or vicarious agent of Prince’s LLCs. Furthermore, these limitations of liability apply in the case of other damages for gross negligence or willful misconduct of Prince’s GmbH or a legal representative or vicarious agent of Prince’s GmbH
18.1 Despite the efforts of Prince’s GmbH, it may happen that you have a justified complaint in relation to your stay. This complaint, you must log in first place directly in front of the Prince’s place GmbH. If your complaint is not dealt with to your satisfaction, you have up to one month after leaving the plant the ability to submit your complaint in writing to: Prince’s GmbH, Catherine Neufang-Straße 19, D-37444 St. Andrew Berg, info @ Prince’s. info. This deadline also applies to the application of tort claims. Your complaint will be handled with the utmost care.
19.1 You are responsible to have the required valid travel documents at your destination (for pets). Prince’s is not liable for the consequences arising from the lack of proper travel documents.
Prince’s 20.1 GmbH has the storage of personal data logged. The data needed for our guests administration. The dataset used for the administration of our guests.
20.2 At your request, we will correct your data, add, delete or shield, for example, the data should be factually incorrect. This may mean that you can not take advantage of our services or any of our services. You have the right to ask us to inform you that your personal data will be processed. The data can be used for information and offers of products and services, and in combination with interesting data from other companies. If you do not wish to receive interesting offers the information of Prince’s GmbH, please tell us.
Prince’s 21.1 GmbH can not be bound to typographical or printing errors.
21.2 These Terms and Conditions are invalid all previous publications